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At Kaabsan, we thoroughly believe that we don’t sell homes, we offer our valued consumers a new way of living, a “lifestyle”.

We want you to live your best life in Hargeisa and ensure everything is at hand only a stone throw away. As a real estate developer, we like to think outside the box, remain creative and innovative whilst doing what people think is “impossible”.

At our projects in Rugsan Gardens and Aragsan Village, we are developing high standard homes within a gated community. We want our home owners and their families and their loved ones to have a social life whilst enjoying the perks of living in a high standard home with great security.

Our communities at Rugsan and Aragsan will have a property management team, cleaners, security, access to a mosque, retail shops, gyms, swimming pools and in most cases, there will be schools, social areas, parks and playgrounds.

These developments are designed for families looking for a modern, spacious and functional living space without compromising on location and their social life.

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Providing an aspirational lifestyle
within a thriving community


Quality You Can Trust

Is it safe for children?

Our gated communities is designed for families with children. To protect their privacy and ensure their security, we will have a 24 hour security site team and CCTV.

Will there be rules?

Like all gated communities, there will be rules. This will be further explained on our contracts after you sign up:)

I'd like to partner with Kaabsan Real Estate, who do I talk to?

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