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Buying a house is an important decision which involves looking at many factors. One of these factors is the brand you choose to buy a house from. The moment you start looking out for properties, you can first see what these reputed brands are offering. Kaabsan Real Estate is part of the Telesom Group, which of course is one of the largest and most reputable companies in Africa. As a company. we have all the right credentials, permission for construction, and we will ensure that each development is built to perfection.

Properties in Hargeisa, Somaliland are becoming expensive by the day. This makes it even more important to choose the right real estate developer to buy apartments suiting your needs. Here we share a few reasons why you should buy a home from Kaabsan Real Estate.

Timely Completion

At Kaabsan Real Estate, we will do our upmost to make sure our customer receives the possession of their houses on time. This gives you the confidence that you will have the key to your house on time (Insha’Allah).

Modern Amenities & Security

Many reputed developers have built their brands on the kind of amenities their housing projects offer. These developers make sure that the luxury houses built by them have state of the art amenities. Amenities offered can be proper parking space, 24/7 security, swimming pools, gyms, jogging track, schools, convenience stores, mosque, parks and landscape. Our current projects currently have all or some of the aforementioned.

Also, as a trusted real estate developer and agent, all our projects will have good security features.

High ROI

The brand you choose can work in your favour if you ever plan to sell or rent your property. These kind of projects are usually in areas which are popular, have good connectivity and also a secure and upmarket neighbourhood. Hence, this makes your return on investment a higher one. At our Rugsan Gardens and Aragsan Village project, the return on your investment is second to none.

Easy Home Financing

When you choose us and then go to Dara Salaam bank to ask for a finance solution, then there is a higher chance that your Murabaha or Istisna request might get sanctioned. The banks have a certain amount of trust for reputed brands like ours.


At Kaabsan, we work with professional companies from abroad and the material we use is of high standard. Being part of the largest company and being in the same group as one of the biggest banks in Somaliland, you can rest be assured that you can rely on us!