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What an exciting experience buying a new home can be. You’re creating a new and fresh future for you and your family. Regardless if you’re looking for something bigger, a little more modern, or with an open concept design, you might need a little help getting started. A real estate agent like Kaabsan which is part of the Telesom Group, can help you determine exactly what you’re looking for, in what price range, and then truly bring your dream home to light.

Let’s take a look at 7 benefits of working with a real estate agent:

1. Better Access to Homes

Real estate agents know the local market inside and out. Although most homes are listed online for buyers to explore, many sellers want to keep their sale rather private. There are many reasons for this, including nosey neighbours, divorce, financial struggle, health, or just family and friends in general that they might not want to know that they are selling their house.

In these instances, a real estate agent can prove to be quite helpful. They can provide you with exclusive access to a home that otherwise, you may have missed.

2. Negotiation

An experienced real estate agent can detect issues with a potential home that otherwise, may have gone unnoticed. They will review a home evaluation in great detail, while observing the house for themselves as well. In instances where there are some areas that require improvement, your real estate agent can help to negotiate. This negotiation process includes having the seller repair the issue as a part of the agreement, or lowering the price to accommodate future renovations.

Without the assistance of an experienced realtor, these problems may go undetected, or your negotiating skills may not result in the outcome you were hoping for. When it comes to your potential future home, it can get emotional. No matter how level-headed you usually are, buying a home is a very overwhelming and
exciting process. Allowing an unbiased realtor with no emotional attachment to the home make the negotiations can prove to be your saving grace when it comes to getting what you want, and most importantly, what you deserve.

3. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

There’s no doubt about it, along with the sale of a home comes a copious amount of paperwork. Some of these documents can include the:

  • Reservations Agreement
  • Bill of sale/SPA
  • Notary Agreement
  • Deed/Title Transfer
  • Repairs

When it’s all said and done, you’ll probably have an entire shelf dedicated to the purchase of your new home. With all this paperwork comes signatures, records, and multiple copies. A real estate agent can help you track the paperwork, and most importantly, ensure that everything is signed and complete. Not only that, but most real estate agents will keep your paperwork on file for many years following the sale. Although you should most definitely keep all this paperwork, if you have any questions or concerns down the road, your real estate agent is only a call away.

4. Save Money

An experienced real estate agent has been around the block once or twice. This means that they will most often bring quite a bit of knowledge to the table when it comes to the value of certain neighbourhoods and homes. In fact, most experienced realtors can estimate the value of a home from the moment that they walk into the door. They can guide you to the listings that offer the most opportunity to provide you with what you want, and at the price you want, too. In saying that, they can also avoid the listings that most likely won’t provide you with what you’re looking for, saving you both time and money.

5. Guidance and Support

As exciting as purchasing a home can be, it can also prove to be quite emotional and overwhelming as well. A real estate agent can provide you with guidance and support through each step. They will be at your side throughout each home viewing, helping you understand why the design of the home might work for you and your family, or why a home just isn’t worth investing in – due to costly repairs. Your realtor can help you feel confident and at ease throughout the process, ultimately helping you make a decision that will benefit both you and your family for many years to come.

6. Finding the Right Homes

Is there something unique that you were looking for in your future home? From customized bedrooms and designs, to open concept kitchens and elaborate vintage-style fireplaces, if there is something specific that you are looking for in a home, your real estate agent will know where to find it. Kaabsan Real estate agents don’t want to waste your time or money. They are very attentive when it comes to finding you exactly what you’re looking for in a home.

8. Avoid Closing Issues

In the final hours before the home is officially yours, you don’t want any bumps in the road. An experienced realtor can foresee any issues from miles away, helping you overcome obstacles or resolve them before it’s too late. Some closing issues can include:

  • Document errors
  • Bank delays
  • Last-minute requests
  • Issues during the final walk through

An experienced realtor can help you resolve these issues, and so much more. Especially when your real estate agent is part of a reputable, strategic, and knowledgeable team. Such as The Kaabsan Real Estate Team.

Is it time to build a new home? Don’t rush, you can buy a high-quality home without investing your time at all!

At Kaabsan Real Estate, we have a number of prime real estate homes available in Hargeisa, Somaliland. These properties are in a gated community.